Why B2B Brands Should Connect With Their Customers On Instagram


Ever since Instagram acquisition by Facebook, the platform has registered a massive growth. When compared to other social platforms, Instagram is the fastest growing and currently boasts of having a 300 million monthly active users. With such positive trends, the platform is opening up new avenues for B2B brands which they must just capitalize. Instagram allows B2B brands to show their customers what they are up to or what they are all about. With the high engagement level that Instagram promises to deliver, you can understand why it is the ideal platform use.

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With the realization by B2B that marketing needs to include some emotional aspects even when marketing to their fellow business, the platform can be used to create the emotional aspects of a marketing campaign. Instagram can help B2B businesses with their marketing strategies in the following ways:

  1. Helps to tell a story

Every brand has a story that they can share. Stories always help people to remember things and when used by a brand, it will most definitely drive the point home. The visual aspects of Instagram are ideal when it comes to delivering a story. Regardless of which business you are marketing for, it is important that you decide your goals, come up with a theme for your visuals and deliver your story. Ensure that you remain relevant to your objectives. You can tell stories about how your team is hardworking through images or share sneak peaks of a product you are yet to launch.

  1. Support your content strategy

Just like any other social platform, Instagram offers B2B a perfect opportunity of distributing whichever content you have whether it is a blog post or even an upcoming webinar. All you have to do is to get a visual representation whether a picture or a 15 second video of whatever it is that you want to distribute and upload it on the platform.

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  1. Reach out to a new audience

Your Facebook friends or Twitter followers may not necessarily be the same as your Instagram followers. In light of this, it is important that you continue building your audience. Always make it a priority to generate interesting content on your Instagram page so that you can be in a better chance of attracting a new audience and as well as retain your old following. An active audience is always important if you are looking to build brand awareness. This can explain why some B2B brands opt to buy instagram followers to try and keep abreast of their competition.

  1. Establish a connection with other social platforms

You can use platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to post about your newly created Instagram account to try and drive users to your page using specific words such as who unfollowed me instagram and You can the go a step further and cross-promote content across other social media channels. This can help you to give your content more staying power. With the growth of social channels and their algorithms, it is becoming almost impossible to get in front of your audience at the right time.



Neko Atsume is a Japanese word meaning cat collection. The name has been popularized by the IOS and Android game that has garnered a cultic following online. Released in 2014, the Hit-Point developed game entails purchasing of toys, foodstuffs, and furniture to entice a wide array of cats to the players garden. The player can then interact with the cats receiving gifts in the form of fish that can be either gold or silverfish.


Fish is used to purchase new items and food to attract even more cats. Goldfish usually unlocks higher value items. There are 49 different arrays of cats in the game with 17 rare cats. Rare Cats are choosy and only makes an appearance when certain particular things are laid out in the yard. Each collectible cat has its own personality and traits. The heavy cartoon visuals and stylings offer a unique experience for cat lovers with an interactive gameplay that keeps players highly engaged.

The player can choose to simply watch the cats or take photos of the cats which are stored in an in-game album. Players are also allowed to change the cats names; rare cats are usually named after famous characters.

For the utmost game experience, you need plenty of fish. Fish can be bought from the in-game menu or earned through gameplay. There are, however, a number of ways to unlock in-game items without all the fuss that goes along with it. Hack tools are one way to get your fish numbers up, but they often necessitate for a number of other resources which can prove cumbersome at times. Cheat codes are an excellent way to get all or most in-app purchases. There are a number of neko atsume cheats iPhone users should be familiar with.

These cheat codes include:
50 Goldfish cheat- WO_OMonnzx0Zk
120 Goldfish cheat-VP_lked0bqjck
200 Goldfish cheat-VP_lked0bqjck
300 Goldfish cheat- BY_LnavNE4SeB.

These cheats are multi-platform and will work on both Android and IOS. As opposed to hack tools, cheat codes rely on the in-game algorithm instead of customized software which makes them less prone to viruses and easier to perform. They also don’t require a rooted or jail broken device to work. If you’re considering a simpler and safer alternative to hack tools and game mods, cheat codes are probably the most practical and most reliable options.85Neko atsume (Kitty Collector) is a game that has a cultic following online. A simple Youtube or Google search will surface hundreds of listings with regards to the game. The game had over 4 million downloads on both IOS and Android platforms by May of 2015. By the end of 2015, the numbers had grown to over 10 million downloads. The game has received the CEDEC Awards for best-designed game in 2015 and recently got honored by Gamespot as among the best five mobile games for the year 2015. The game serves as an example of how simplistic concepts can be applied to modern ideologies and merge to produce a compelling yet challenging and addictive game. Neko Atsume can be downloaded from both Android and IOS app stores respectively or from trusted online content sources.

Why You Need To Use A VPN Or Proxy With ShowBox


As you may know, ShowBox is one of the most popular torrent clients for Android that allows you to stream movies and TV shows for free. Today we will explore some ways that allow you to do your streaming of movies and T.V shows anonymously and securely when using this app. If you do not have this app yet, you can give it a spin by going to the ShowBox download page. Obviously, the method also works with any other torrent clients.Screenshot_2015-10-28-16-55-19

Anonymity when streaming movies online is important in helping protect you from your ISP and torrent-tracking services. Some ISP’s are known to limit the Internet connection of users who use torrents extensively. Torrent clients consume a lot of bandwidths and can open thousands of different connections for an extended period of time.

This is frowned upon by many ISP services, especially those who share bandwidth among many different users per region. The end result is that those ISP will not hesitate to limit your connection, in an attempt to dissuade you from using Torrents. For many ISP out there, it does not matter even if you torrent legally distributed files. Now imagine what they think about you streaming large amounts of movies and T.V shows. Chances are – they probably don’t like it!

– Peer to Peer Visibility
The other problem when using P2P clients is that your IP address appears publicly to whoever wants to see them. Those activities are recorded by torrent monitoring services and can play against you if the publisher of the file lodges a complaint. Most of the time, the complaint is done to your ISP, but sometimes it can be as serious as going to a court of law. Both results in you losing the battle.

– How to protect your identity
As we have seen, it is, therefore, vital to protect your identity when you download or stream movies from the torrent network. There are many effective ways to do this.


A VPN, or Virtual Private Network is a secure server that opens its connection to you and reroutes the whole of your Internet traffic, in and out. This offers the advantage of your Internet connection being masked and protected from the IP level. Your content, that is the stuff that you download or upload are also encrypted making your Internet usage anonymous.


A proxy offers the same advantage of anonymity with a few pros and cons. Proxies are generally faster, as they are not encrypted as heavily as a VPN connection. You will have faster response times when using proxies, at the expense of lower encryption. This encryption is exactly what prevents your ISP and torrent monitoring services to know what you are doing online. The other major con is that not all torrent clients have a built-in feature for proxies. vpn-proxyIf you use a VPN on the other hand, this feature is irrelevant as it encrypts and anonymizes the whole of your Internet connection from source.

A proxy comes in the following format:

Type: Proxy: Remote Port

Example: Socks5: 569

The proxy type is http (web) or Sock4/5 (sockets). You will need socks proxies for your torrent app.

Proxies available for free on the Internet are also not very reliable. If you want reliable ones, that offer both security and anonymity, you will need to pay a premium for private proxies. Anonymous proxies also cost more, but they are well worth it.

Live Streaming of HD Movies and TV Shows with ShowBox App


The industry of high-definition movies has been revolutionized, thanks to ShowBox App. Originally developed for android application systems; the showbox for laptop version has also been developed. For those with mobile devices that are android enabled, the app offers a very unique and rich platform through with the user can download high-definition movies and TV shows.

It offers numerous advantages. The movies and TV shows are the latest and also come for free. As such, you are saved of the cost and time of having to visit the theatre to catch the latest movies. If you miss your favorite show, no need to worry. Just download the app and there you are, find the episode, download it and that’s all. It also streams TV programs live and you can watch them right in the office.

The ShowBox App is not available in the Google play store, in order to download the app; you have to visit its official website. This makes the process of downloading a little bit tricky. It requires that you first enable your device to accept downloads from unknown sources. From the setting tab, click on the security and turn on the unknown sources. Once this is done successfully, you can go ahead to download the app from its official website and install it.

The beauty of it all is that you can watch whatever you want at your own convenience. If there is a need to store and movie, it allows you to download it and store it in another device, say a laptop, from where you can watch it later on. It downloads high-definition movies and even stream live TV shows. With the Chromecast, you don’t have to worry about the MX player any more, it’s simply useless here.

The showbox for laptop version means that the laptop users are not left behind. It allows the users to watch the excellent movies and HD TV shows all free and with no complication of whatever kind.